Rubicon FX05 4-wheel mobility scooter

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Rubicon FX5 is a powerful and versatile 4-wheel mobility scooter that can handle any terrain. It has a 600W motor, 3 speed levels, 10-inch tires, 4 suspensions, and a weatherproof coating. It has a comfortable and adjustable seat, armrests, and backrest. It has a USB port and a basket. It weighs only 62 lbs and can be folded easily. It has a 15.6AH battery that can travel up to 25 miles.
Color: Red


All Terrain FX05 Scooters

High Performance: Rubicon FX05 has a 600W motor that can handle grass, ramps, sand, mud, snow, bumpy roads and more. It features 3 speed levels, up to 12 mph, and a 360-degree intelligent controller for stable starting and gear shifting. It also has an electromagnetic brake system that stops immediately after being released, making it safe and reliable.

All Terrain: Rubicon FX05 has 10-inch big front tires and 4 tire suspensions for the smoothest ride. It can easily navigate on off-paved surfaces and has a small turning radius for tight spaces. It also has a weatherproof coating to protect it from rain and dust.

Comfortable: Rubicon FX05 has a breathable and cushioned seat that can be adjusted in height and angle. It also has a foldable backrest and armrests for extra comfort and support. The scooter has a spacious basket for storing your belongings and a USB port for charging your phone.

Lightweight and Foldable: Rubicon FX05 weighs only 62 lbs without the seat, armrests and battery. It is one of the lightest models in its class. It can be easily folded and stored in your garage, car trunk or closet.

Long Range: Rubicon FX05 has a 15.6AH lithium battery that can travel up to 25 miles on a single charge. The battery is detachable and can be charged with an off-board charger. The scooter also has a battery indicator to show you the remaining power level.


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